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Why Do Women Wear Makeup? The Science of Wearing Makeup



Hey beautiful! Welcome to our latest blog post. An interesting brief overview of the science of wearing makeup. 

According to the Science of People website, approximately 44% of American women do not like to leave their homes without some form of makeup on. Studies suggest that there are two main reasons why. 

  • Cover up 
  • Some women don’t want to reveal their noticeable imperfections such as blemishes, scarring and uneven skin tone. Makeup such as foundation and concealer helps to camouflage flaws that they would rather hide. 

  • To Attract or Seduce 
  • Wearing makeup might make you feel more attractive and more confident. Some women only wear makeup to make themselves feel good however, some wear makeup to look more attractive to other people. 

    There is some scientific evidence to suggest that women that appear more “attractive” to the outside world stand a higher chance of being noticed than those with a less “universal” standard of beauty. 

    The truth is, a fresh face of well-applied makeup brightens the face, reduces the look of tired and stressed-out skin and makes you feel more confident and ready to start the day. Makeup can be used as a tool to enhance your natural beauty as opposed to completely change your appearance. 

    Studies show that women who have more color contrast around the eyes appear more feminine than those with less color contrast around the eyes. For example those with darker, thicker, longer eyelashes. This is not necessarily true however, most full-face makeup looks consist of eyeliner and mascara which shape and enhances the eyes. 

    Blusher brightens the cheeks and adds depth to the overall look, it also adds a youthful touch to your appearance. 

    Contouring can either enhance the facial features or completely change the shape of the face, nose and cheekbones, providing you with a more angular, structured appearance. 

    What are some of the benefits of wearing makeup? 

    Benefits of wearing makeup 

    For glowing, healthy skin, daily makeup is not advisable however, if you are going to wear makeup daily, you should try and opt for non-toxic makeup with clean ingredients. Also, ensure that you remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Try our nourishing makeup remover and our facial wash to thoroughly remove makeup residue. 

    Here are some of the benefits of wearing makeup: 


    Applying makeup can be therapeutic and relaxing, especially when you give yourself enough time to spend applying your make up and prepping your skin for a flawless makeup finish. 


    Enhancing your beauty with makeup can boost your confidence and self-esteem. You know what they say, when you look good, you feel good. Give it a try! On days when you feel less than yourself, apply some lipstick or brighten your eyes with some concealer and mascara. 

    Make you look younger 

    Applying the proper amount of makeup can make you look and feel younger. Bear in mind that heavy, badly applied makeup might age you therefore, be careful when applying makeup if you want to look younger. 

    Brightens your face 

    Everyone wants that bright and glowy look and well-done makeup can give you that bright and healthy appearance. 

    Makes you look less tired 

    Have you ever stepped out and people ask if you have had enough sleep? Well, one of the best remedies is a healthy dose of good quality concealer under the eyes to give you that fresh and vibrant look. Also, neat eyebrows, eyeliner and well-applied mascara can brighten your eyes too. 

    Wearing makeup can build confidence, brighten the skin and it can make you look younger if you apply it properly. 

    Stay tuned for our next blog. 

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